Recycled Crayon Stars

It was a tough transition back to work  after the long holiday break.  I love my job, but I loathe that alarm, especially at six in the morning! January is typically a crazy month, as it’s the start of the busiest time of year and my to-do list increases exponentially. I’m thankful for the two four-day work weeks this month that will allow me to get some work done and still leave a little time for relaxation.

I’m also thankful for my Christmas break, as it enabled me to rest and get organized for the next few months. I was able to tackle a few projects, such as laminating a stack of papers (although I have yet to cut them) and organizing some of my materials. I was thrilled, however, to finally repurpose something that has been taking up space on my desk for over a year: the box of broken crayons.

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January Budget Update

I’ve made it through the first half of January and successfully avoided spending money on non essential items! This means I am just about a quarter of the way through my planned January/February freeze. It hasn’t been easy, but I know it is needed in order to get my spending habits in check, and to save for some upcoming trips.

However, that Target Dollar Spot is just. so. tempting. So far I’ve been able to say no, and I’m hoping I can continue to do that over the next few weeks. It’s not easy when you see items you want for work (and that other people have purchased and are loving!) but I have to remind myself that I have a basement full of toys/materials in my house and my office has a giant closet filled with toys and games too. I don’t really need the felt food sets because I have two wooden food sets already. I have more than enough stuff to get me through to March 1.

I know this, but it still doesn’t make it any easier.

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My Financial New Year’s Resolutions

As 2016 winds down, it’s time to start thinking about some resolutions for 2017. Specifically, money related resolutions. I am feeling super motivated to eradicate this debt hanging around my shoulders. I also want to end 2017 in a better place financially than I am right now, so I’ve thought of a few resolutions to help me get closer to achieving that goal.

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